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Bakeware for toaster oven

KansasKate | | Dec 1, 2010 05:32 AM

Our makeshift kitchen (during a long restoration project) includes a Cuisinart convection toaster/broiler oven which we use on an almost daily basis. We'd like to buy some smaller pieces of bakeware that (a) would look nice enough for oven-to-table and (b) will be something I'd still use when the renovations are over and (c) could also go in the MW. We had in mind a 9x9 or 8x8 square, a 9" oval, and a pair of ramekins. There are just 2 of us, so a pair of miniature (5"-ish) baking dishes would also be an option.

None of what I've been looking at online is mentioned in a thread on toaster oven bakeware -- it was about the sets of miniature metal sheets & pans -- so I wonder if we're way off the mark ???

I was trying to decide from among EH Artisan, EH Ceradon/Auberge (white interior), LC Heritage, Revol Eclipse, Revol Belle Cuisine, Fiesta bakeware, and perhaps Chantal. Any thoughts on using any or all of these in a toaster oven?

We have Staub cookware (which we love) but have never used enamel-on-cast-iron bakeware -- would that be an option for the TO? Staub makes several mini pieces. LC's oven dishes are pretty big, but some of the smallest Chasseur baking dishes might fit.