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BAD on Moody Street! (long)


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BAD on Moody Street! (long)

jeanne | | Jul 5, 2005 10:57 AM

One of my favorite things to do is cruise Moody Street, Waltham for dinner and choose between all the interesting restaurants. I am a huge fan of the great grilled turkey burger with blue cheese at the Watch City Brewery. Along with a Tick Tock lager and the Red Sox--there is no better way to kill an hour. But I digress. Having done that recently--and being with kids this time--we cruised the whole strip--briefly considering Bombay Mahal (south indian) but passed. Asian won out and thus we decided on Tom can Cook. BIG BIG mistake. Interminable wait after orders placed-did she lose our order? 3 out of 4 diners served drinks--child had to wait extra 15 minutes for virgin pina coloda. finally dinner arrived (oh yes--they were OUT of fresh spring rolls-grrrrrr) Mediocre calamari appetizer and tom's appetizer platter--all things you can buy in an asian store and make at home and they all tasted the same. And finally main dishes--were OK but at that point we were in no mood to enjoy them. I would say that we waited 45 minutes before we received our appetizer. People seated after us ate and left before we were served. On a positve note--they discounted our dinner by 10 % and they were apologetic. Final comment is that restaurants that serve multi asian cusines don't seem to do any of them well IMHO. Never going back there again though. BEWARE!!!