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AZ disappoints--Olives redeems somewhat


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AZ disappoints--Olives redeems somewhat

Tom Meg | | Oct 8, 2001 04:31 PM

What a huge letdown AZ was. We ordered the tasting menu for four of us (one of whom was a vegetarian) and, after a promising first course chowder, were brought out course after course of really lame, gimmicky, often reheated-tasting food. Our poor vegetarian friend got 3 salads in a row, followed by "vegetarian moo shu", which was yet another salad enclosed in a pancake (she was charged for the regular $75 tasting menu, by the way). Dessert was a ginger flan about 1.5 inches in diameter.

Service was weird. Whenever one of the busboys began to answer a question for us, the head waiter would run over and literally push the busboy out of the way as he took over answering the question. All of us left feeling hungry and cheated, like we'd been tricked into going to the fusion version of Macaroni Grill, and made to pay 5X the price.

Since the mini dessert lozenge at AZ left us craving more sweets, we walked over to Olives and shared some of their over-the-top desserts sitting in their fabulous over-stuffed couches, surrounded by lots of pretty people. Not usually my kind of place, but after that meal at AZ, it at least helped the evening end on an up note.

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