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awful meal at Corner House in Alhambra


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awful meal at Corner House in Alhambra

kotatsu | | Jun 5, 2009 09:16 PM

At the corner of Valley and New in Alhambra, there is a "new" restaurant called Corner House. I write "new" with quotes because when Mrs. Kotatsu I got our bill, it clearly stated Dodoro Cafe at the top, which means that 1) it's really the same owners, or 2) someone was too lazy to re-program the cash register receipt.

It wouldn't surprise me if it were the latter, because everything about our meal was just *terrible.* When we walked up at 7pm on Friday, the place was full. So full, in fact, that the only seating was on the patio. The menu is fairly typical HK cafe-style fare, with the standard choice of rice or pasta as your side. The Tibet-style short ribs were really the short ribs that you normally see at Korean BBQ. Only these came out of the kitchen about 2 minutes after ordering. The sauces served on the side were a very suspicious-looking green and orange color (2 flavors in a divided dish) and both pretty spicy. The food.... it just tasted odd. It was soft, almost filet mignon soft, but had NO taste. The chicken that I ordered came with a side of spaghetti and the sauce tasted like canned Chef Boyardee, except that Chef Boyardee would have been the better tasting of the two. I mean, a salty, pale-colored mess. Chicken was cooked ok, but once again no taste. It was accompanied by 2 steam-cooked (but served refrigerator-cold) pieces of broccoli. The drinks arrive. Ok, maybe they serve good hot tea. OMG it tasted like soapy water with a gallon of corn syrup. Slippery, sweet, and smelled like a bar of Dove or Dial. We left at least 1/2 of our food on our plates and couldn't get out of there quickly enough. I just couldn't believe how quickly everything came out, and it clearly reflected in the food. This was a restaurant whose kitchen had no soul. The waiters didn't even seem to sense that the slightest thing was wrong when they saw plates barely touched but someone asking for the bill.

I have experimented before, and stumbled upon some very happy finds without any prior research on them. My best such experience, thus far, probably being Mike & Anne's in South Pasadena. "Hey, that place is new" and just walked in. Corner house was the complete opposite, in every sense of the word and since I have benefited greatly from the advice of the many chowhounds who frequent the SGV, I am obligated to post something that I hope will be of some benefit, which is I-went-so-please-don't-go.

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