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Attitude required by restaurant as part of "experience"


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Attitude required by restaurant as part of "experience"

Covert Ops | Jul 31, 2006 04:42 PM

There is a recent thread on this board about counter help that is rude, brusque, even telling you to go to the back of the line if you dont' knwo what you want, a la Pat's Steaks or the Soup Nazi.

I'd like to discuss a slightly different flavor of rude service, where being insulting to the customers is part of the waiter's training and supposed to be "funny," at franchises like Dick's Last Resort -- where they make everyone at the table wear insulting/profane hats -- or that place at Disney-MGM Studios where they won't serve you dessert if you don't eat all your vegetables first.

Rude people, I can tolerate, because I can deal with them in a situation-appropriate way. But a restaurant that prides itself on being abusive to customers, and considers it "funny" or "cute"? No way, Jose. If I make it into one of these places by accident, I never go back.

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