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Asian Vegetables: Super 88 Allston vs Russo's in Watertown


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Asian Vegetables: Super 88 Allston vs Russo's in Watertown

Dave MP | | Jul 13, 2009 06:16 PM

This morning I had some errands to do in Boston before heading back to Western MA. I cooked a big Chinese meal tonight, and some of the errands included picking up ingredients.

First stop was Super 88 - in fact, I had intended for this to be the only stop. I hadn't been to Super 88 in 4 years. WHAT HAPPENED? It is way smaller, they didn't have anything very good, produce section was kinda sad looking, meat section was even oh man. I was hoping to find some more obscure Asian vegetables, but the selection was really poor. I haven't really been following the Boston Chowhound boards recently so I don't know what the story is here, but I hope Super 88 gets better soon.

I bought quite a bit at Super 88 even though I wasn't thrilled with the quality, but then decided to stop by Russo's on the way home. I have only been to Russo's once before, and I didn't pay much attention to the produce section there on my when I got there, I kicked myself, since they had EVERYTHING I needed, prices were good, and quality seemed great. So I still bought a few more things.

I was most excited to find wosun (lettuce stem or celtuce), but I also saw most vegetables that were common in China when I was there in June - sweet potato leaves, water spinach, green chives, pea pod leaves, Chinese celery, long squash, fuzzy squash, etc. etc. They really seem to have everything - I am Russo's new biggest fan. They even had fresh mangosteen, from Philippines I think....super expensive but not bad looking (5 dollars for 4 small fruits)

Now that I know how good the Asian vegetable variety is at Russo's, I won't bother with Super 88 anymore. Hopefully in Chinatown there are still some good produce places though..

That's about it for now...

Dave MP