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Aroma Thyme Review

forgottendreamr | | May 16, 2011 01:50 PM

I am from Minneapolis and last week, I visited Aroma Thyme last week with my family. My expecations of the area were low to begin with, but I had been given the recommendation for Aroma Thyme.

To start, we had the cheese plate. It was very good. At home, I am used to the "farm to table" aspect of restaurants, so I thoroughly enjoyed knowing where my cheeses came from. They were excellent cheeses with good proportions. The 4 of us barely managed to eat the entire plate.

The entrees were, in my opinion, less successful. Among us we had: the hot pot, a fusilli dish, a burger and a bowl of soup. My pasta was ok. However, it was $18 for a pasta dish that was heavy on the pasta...and clearly not homemade. I have no problem paying that much for pasta, but I do expect it to be made in house.

The highlight/lowlight for me was the beer menu. I am a huge beer person and was excited to see such a well rounded menu. However, the prices are a good 50% higher than I have come to expect. Aroma Thyme uses their corner on the market to make a few dollars, for sure.

All in all: if this restaurant was in Minneapolis, I wouldn't go back. They were over priced and underwhelming over all, with a few bright points. However, when I am in the area visiting family, where else am I going to go? Aroma Thyme has their audience hostage...and they seem to know it.

Aroma Thyme Bistro
165 Canal St, Ellenville, NY 12428