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Angels and Gypsies, Camberwell, London


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Angels and Gypsies, Camberwell, London

medgirl | | Oct 3, 2010 06:21 AM

I've been to this Spanish place 3 times now and had a great meal every time. It serves tapas in a room quite posh for Camberwell. Once, walking in on a rainy Wednesday night, we were asked if we had reservations and my companion nearly had a stroke: " Reservations needed on a Wednesday night in Camberwell?!" The place was pretty full; we ended up being seated right next to the door. Lunchtimes are less busy.
Most of the stuff on their menu is great. We didn't like the oyster mushrooms too much. The sirloin steak , jamon croquetas and the calamari are excellent. I don't understand Spanish hams, but I don't know if hanging them above radiators is the done thing. I thought they should be somewhere cool and dry. I'm not a wine drinker either, but they have a list of Spanish wines. I love the churros with chocolate for dessert. I think some of the portions are a bit small for the price. 2 pounds fifty for 3 moderate sized pieces of bread with a small dish of olive oil/balsamic is a bit stingy in my opinion, especially for Camberwell. I don't know what the rents are like, but must be less than Soho. Tapas are about 5-9 quid each for non-vegetarian and 2.50-5 quid each for vegetarian.
Worth travelling down to Camberwell for. It's on Camberwell Church Street; Silk Road is a few steps down the road.