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Gardening - put your garden surplus to good use

greygarious | | Oct 20, 2013 10:36 AM

I saw this organization profiled on TV this morning. The website facilitates the connection of food pantries and gardeners. You enter your zip code and get a list of the food pantries in your area. From there, you coordinate with the one(s) you choose for drop-offs and pick-ups. Since most have little or no refrigeration capability, the goal is to get freshly-picked produce to the food pantry no more than a day before it will be dispensed to needy families or soup kitchens. No more neighbors hiding in fear of more of your zucchini! ;>D

There's also (or com?) where you can list/locate fruit and nut trees and other plantings whose owners allow others to harvest from their property, and those on public land.

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