Alternative to Kitchenaid Pro Mixer?


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Alternative to Kitchenaid Pro Mixer?

dipsy | Jun 24, 2008 11:10 AM

I've started doing a lot of baking and my basic Kitchenaid just isn't strong enough (I think it's the 325 wat model). So I bit the bullet and got the Pro Mixer, brought it home and made a batch of bread dough that called for 7 cups of flour. My basic model just about got the dough mixed but I could tell it was close to overheating. So it should have been a no brainer with the more powerful motor. I followed the manufacturers exhoration NOT to go above 2 with the dough hook. To my surprise, the motor shut off after 4 minutes. I tried it again a week later and the same thing happened. So I returned it. Now I'm gun shy. It could have been a dud, but I've seen many mixed reviews of the KA pro mixers. Should I get another one and hope it doesn't have the same defect? Or should I try a Viking or Cuisinart? The only reason I want to upgrade is for doing heavy stuff like bread dough. The basic KA handles everything else just fine. Thanks!

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