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albania, macedonia, bulgaria


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albania, macedonia, bulgaria

chuletitas | | Apr 8, 2008 11:40 AM


We are looking for authentic, excellent, possibly regional cuisine at a reasonable price.

We're budget travelers, but we have more cash than backpackers. We need to reach everyplace by public transport, as we won't be driving. We're not interested in tourist restaurants (don't care about an English menu), trendy places (unless they're totally amazing and they merit the extra money) or fusion food. Lamb, goat, mezedes, seafood (nothing fancy), all good... Serious Chowhound food, Balkan-style. We've been to the general area before, but only to Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Greece.

Please share your recommendations for the following places:

1. Saranda (Albania), also around Butrint and the seaside.

2. Berati (Albania), and possibly Gjirokaster where we change buses

3. Ohrid (Macedonia), maybe also Sveti Naum

4. Skopje (Macedonia)

5. Sofia (Bulgaria)

6. Koprivshtitsa (Bulgaria)

Note: we also have a post on the Greece/Turkey board for that leg of the trip. Please check if you can help.