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Al Pastor on Riverside - Overrated


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Al Pastor on Riverside - Overrated

sqwertz | | Nov 12, 2009 08:57 AM

Based on all the raves I've seen here, I finally got to check out the little white trailer on Riverside underneath the Korean grocer: "Al Pastor 5 X $5.99"

Now I don't know how I can ever trust the recommendations of anybody on this board again.
I received 5 dinky little tacos with little bits of red meat, void of any flavor except vinegar, with cilantro and onions. Not on the flour tortillas I requested, but on corn (which I detest unless crispy). Not for $5.99 as advertised on the sign (didn't see that until we left), but a whopping $8.75. And not after waiting 10 minutes, but after waiting 23 minutes.

I haven't felt so betrayed and ripped off for quite a while. Embarrassed, too, since I had to share with a co-worker who graciously also waited the 23 minutes for my order. She will never let me live this down.

Really, folks, Is this the best you got?