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no more airline food means show your colors


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no more airline food means show your colors

steve drucker | | Sep 21, 2001 05:18 PM

The death of airline food is a potential chowhound triumph.

The below link from the LA board got me to thinking about airline food ranging from osetra caviar and champagne (a great way to start a long flight, but a stale memory after 16 hours of flying) to everything else I've been served over 3 decades of flying which has been uniformly awful.

So whenever possible, we bring takeout food with us on planes--mostly on intermediate or return flight legs.

Now with no more airline food, I guess we'll have to show our chowhound colors on outbound flights too.

For our top finds, here are the criteria used for ranking:
--no more than 20 minutes from inside the terminal
--ability to perfume the entire flight cabin from one meal
--ability to overwhelm the odor of in-flight food service
--price (after all, its just takeout, so no more than $10, $15 at the max)
--number of passengers and flight attendants (separate score for each flight cabin) who ask to share
--number of flight deck personnel who ask to share (maximum is 3, as that's all that fit in the cockpit).

A short rundown of the highlights:

#1 all time winner:
Chicken parmesan hero from Corona Heights Pork Store in Corona (one sandwich is enough for 4 folks to share or one large overstressed business person to snarf over the first 30-40 minutes of flight time). And #1 in value too, at $6.50 as of July 2001. Call 40 minutes in advance, as that's how long it takes for them make the sandwich. A word to the might want to put it into your cell phone rolodex: 718-592-7350

Anything (but especially Pasta Christina--angel hair, marinara, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil baked in a round aluminum travel tin) from Palermo's at 95th st, 1 block west of Cicero Ave, closed Tuesday, takeout open from 11:00 AM.

Taco de Ceviche
sorry, I forgot the restaurant name, but its here on Chowhound somewhere. a couple of bucks for a pint of great ceviche, a plastic spoon and some fresh tacos. Kind of sloppy to eat on the go.

Young's Jersey Dairy (I-70, exit 52 south)
This is about 25 minutes from the Dayton airport, so I don't know if it really qualifies, especially since the milkshake will be gone long before you get into the terminal. But you can get a fruit pie (apple, peach, blueberry and combinations) for $5-6 that will feed 12 people and will knock your socks off

By takout containers yee shall know us.

More suggestions for other cities?