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Aguardiente Cristal for infusion


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Aguardiente Cristal for infusion

tinnywatty | | Feb 1, 2012 01:55 PM

So I'm trying my first infusion with orange and minneola peel. We went into the liquor store intending to get vodka, but our friend at the store, who happens to be the manager, recommended that we use Aguardiente Cristal instead, saying that it's more neutral than vodka and that people often use it for infusions. We went for it since he's always been knowledgeable about other liquors. When I opened it, though, it smelled more like anise than the pure alcohol I was expecting, and a quick googling indicated that it's flavored mildly with anise. I'm a fan of anise so I'm not upset, but I'm wondering why he would have recommended it as a neutral spirit.

I went ahead and made the infusion with only about 250 ml, in case it turns out horribly, and it actually smells great so far- strong orange up front with a burst of anise at the end as you move the jar away. Has anyone heard of it/ used it/ made an infusion with it before? The only mention I could find on CH was this thread:

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