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Affordable Kyoto Options

analogarsonist | | Sep 28, 2013 06:35 PM

Hi everyone,

I've spent hours reading up on Kyoto restaurants, and can't seem to decide on what to do. I've gotten so much amazing help from this forum that I thought I'd push my luck again!

I'll be spending 2 days in Kyoto (first-time), and I'm looking for some more affordable options (i.e. < 10,000 yen, or ideally < 5,000 yen)

Seems like Kaiseki is a must, but it also looks like I have many options: inexpensive bentos, mini kaiseki lunches at fancier places, full kaiseki dinners at more affordable places. I assume that for my budget, I can forget about the nice private-room experience; besides, we care a lot more about the food :)

And it seems like Tofu is a must - we'll try to make a reservation at Shoraian, but a bit scared - our last reservation attempt was horrible, and we've used up all of our help from friends for Tokyo :) Also, it's a bit expensive... Sounds like there many other good options

We'll also go to Nishiki Market and sample random stuff...

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!