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Advice needed about cooking with coffee


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Coffee & Tea

Advice needed about cooking with coffee

Samuelinthekitchen | | Jan 17, 2011 09:15 AM

Hi Folks

I've recently become enthusiastic about cooking with coffee. Mainly I've been using a shot of espresso as a base note and have come to the conclusion that while it is awesome I'm really not sure I totally know what I'm doing. I understand that coffee is a complex blend of oils and acids and worry that I'm not getting enough of it. It seems totally lost if I put it in the initial braising liquid and too dominant if I just splash it in the end. I've been mainly using it in ragus and casseroles but think I'm missing out and not getting the most out of it.

Would love a better insight on what coffee does in food, how it's compounds are effected by cooking times and heat etc and how to maximise its addition to a dish, as well as any other ways people are using it to mass up their meals or in unusual ways.

Much appreciated in advance,

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