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Do They "adulterate" Rum?


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Do They "adulterate" Rum?

jerry i h | | Nov 11, 2008 05:04 PM

I know that 'gold' rum is the standard. To get 'white' rum, they filter out the color (and presumably some flavor); to get 'dark' rum, they blacken barrels. Well, this is what I have always assumed. I just had a Cruzan white, and while I did not do a direct taste test with gold, it sure did not seem that much less flavorful than gold. More, there are some cheap black rums (TV's comes to mind) that sure tastes like they add licorice and other flavors plus colors.
Question: according to FDA rules, are rum producers allowed to add colors and flavors without a label declaration? Like maybe they start with white or gold, and add 'stuff' to come up with gold or black?

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