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Is it just me . . . ?


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Not About Food

Is it just me . . . ?

southocean | | Apr 24, 2013 02:36 PM

I go into a local fast/casual burger place today. They have two registers with signs over them that say "Order Here," but there isn't an employee at either register. I go to the register closest to me, and wait. Someone finally notices me, greets me, and, as I start to place my order, says, "I'll take you order at this other register, sir."

"Why can't we use this register?" I ask.

"This is my register, sir. I have to use this one."

"That might be your register, but I'm here," sez I. And the blank stare ensues.

And, if you mention it to a manager, they completely miss the point of customer service, and prattle on about logging in, and register accounting, and passwords, etc.

Is it just me?

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