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What Would You Have Done?

missgulfsouth | Feb 14, 2013 06:06 PM

I experienced a challenging situation recently, one that I would like to get your thoughts on. I gave a baby shower in my home, I prepared all of the food for it. On the menu were chicken salad croissants, spinach dip and crackers, punch and chocolate cupcakes with maraschino cherry buttercream frosting. After the shower there was a good amount of food remaining, which I planned to have for dinner that night for my family of 7 (5 children). As my guests were departing, I stepped outside to help carry gifts and to see my guests off. When I came back inside two of my guests (a mother and daughter) were putting the last of the leftovers into plastic grocery bags to take home for themselves. They had 2 or 3 bags full of paper-plate stacked food. I (calmly - on the outside - not on the inside!) mentioned that that food was intended for our dinner that night. The response...."Oh. Sorry. We didn't know." The food remained in the bags. I went to speak with my husband about how to handle it. He said to go back and say something more to them, that it was unbelievably rude. Back to the house I went. I (calmly again) told them that it was very rude to take that food, when it was clearly intended for our family. The response... "Sorry. We didn't know." A few minutes later they walked out.....with the bags of food.
Please, please tell me what was the right thing to do. I have never received a sincere apology.

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