After $50, what are we paying for?


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After $50, what are we paying for?

budnball | Oct 28, 2013 11:50 AM

A poster asked about the taste of a $300 bottle which got me thinking about what we expect at different price points. I have never spent even $100 on a bottle of wine, but my regular price point has been creeping up to the $30-35 range with $50 bottles finding their way into my closet cellar more and more often. At this price point, I expect more layers of taste, more complexity, more ...something. I don't always get it but i feel I'm drinking more interesting wines now.

I don't think I have drink expensive, but it seems that the step up can get a more personal wine makers expression.

What do others feel you get buy spending more money and how do you judge QPR?

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