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$5 Pizza all you can eat

PaulF | Feb 28, 2007 10:13 AM

I've been seeing a commercial on the sports channels that advertises a chain for all you can eat pizza and macaroni and cheese and other assorted kid foods.

Sounds so icky, I actually want to try it.

But I can't remember the name of the chain.

It's Cici's or ChiChis or something like that ... but I can never remember or have a pencil handy to write it down.

Anyone seen the ad or been to the restaurant and also know the name?

UPDATE: Duh ... I did a web search (should have done one first) and found that it's CiCi's Pizza Buffet. Google rules!

So, the question now is: Has anyone been to CiCi's?

SECOND UPDATE: Their locator doesn't seem to work. But it doesn't look like there are any in Californai anyway.

Oh well ...

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