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20 Manning Grill


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20 Manning Grill

brescd01 | | Jul 23, 2010 07:18 AM

As a preamble, let me say I like everything I have ever eaten at Audrey Claire, and I thought everything at 20 Manning was tasty (though not to my taste, if you get the distinction). But I have now been to 20 Manning Grill, the reincarnation of 20 Manning and I have not had a single thing there that tasted good. Everything had a weird taste to it, was too bitter, or too salty. The noise is deafening, so that did not make swallowing the food easier. I am not down on the service or anything like that, the staff seems hard-working and free of attitude and that is all that is important to me. But the food: is there something weird going on? Do they use MSG? Can that happen, where everything at a restaurant tastes bad to some people? I had the same reaction to the deceased Chew Man Chu. One thing that highlighted the problem for me is that I have now gone to Devil's Den three times (last night, one night after going to Manning Grill), and again, I am not saying that everything is perfect or memorable but it all tastes good. Is this a genetic issue?