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2 Weeks in Vienna (Wien)


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2 Weeks in Vienna (Wien)

Gobstopper | | May 2, 2007 08:39 PM

Hello, I am a Chowhound from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am also a former cook from the River Cafe ( I am travelling with my partner and we both appreciate local, tasty interpretations of classic food. I prefer brussel sprouts and butter over fusion and plating as a general rule.

We are excited to spend two weeks in Vienna as the food looks spectacular. So a few questions and any I'd love to hear any recommendations in the 20 euro per person (entree/glass of wine) range.

Is Steiereck worth the hype? is the milk bar below a good way to get a feel for it without the cost?

Is the neo-beisln movement still a good starting point for choosing restaurants?
Wild, Wolf and Tancredi?

What are some good choices around the Museum Quarter?

Thanks very much!