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Supertaster Viewer Mail 2 Supertaster columnist James Norton tackles some controversial viewer mail and enjoys a cappuccino at Peace Coffee in Minneapolis.

Exploring the Nostalgia of Lunchables's Supertaster goes back in time via Oscar Mayer Lunchables, namely a shake-it-up chicken barbecue version of the lunch kit.

Reviewing Simply Dressed Salad Dressing While Undressed

Supertaster is pleased to present the Internet's first-ever in-shower salad dressing evaluation, of Marzetti's Simply Dressed.

Kashi Waffles for Våffeldagen

A celebration of Sweden's big waffle holiday, Våffeldagen, with new Kashi 7 Grain and Blueberry Waffles.

Tapatío Plus Doritos Equals Awesome's Supertaster tries spicy sauce–augmented Doritos and finds the Tapatío sauce/snack chip synergy to be powerfully good.

Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese Fills the Bill

After yesterday's Stouffer's debacle, Supertaster bounces back with Kraft's upscale mac 'n' cheese product, called Homestyle.

Stouffer’s Farm-washed Mac ’n’ Cheese Disaster's Supertaster tries Stouffer's Farmers' Harvest Macaroni & Cheese, and he's not happy about it. Not any aspect of it.

KFC’s New and Surprisingly Decent Pot Pie

KFC's got a new Chunky Chicken Pot Pie, weirdly launched just in time for an exceptionally warm spring. Oh well, it's still fairly delicious.

The Dark Lie of the Healthy Toaster Tart

Are there some internal contradictions in the Health Valley Organic Multigrain Chocolate Toaster Tarts? Supertaster James Norton thinks there might be.

Three Green Boozes You’ve Never Tasted

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, James Norton of tries three exotic green (or greenish) tipples: Chartreuse, Thatcher's Cucumber, and Batavia-Arrack van Oosten.