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Taste-Testing Pepsi Next

Pepsi is promoting the living daylights out of Pepsi Next,  a new 60-calorie semidiet soda. But how does it taste?

“You Drink Beer Like a Woman”: More Viewer Mail's Supertaster answers queries and declarations from viewers of his daily ongoing YouTube video series.

A Hometown Tribute to Michael’s Frozen Custard

There's just something magical about eating a Michael's vanilla frozen custard in a waffle cone on the shores of Lake Wingra in Madison, Wisconsin.

Ayala’s Herbal Water: How Refreshing Is it?

A zero-calorie, herbally infused beverage called Ayala's Herbal Water is pitted against man's oldest enemy: mowing the lawn.

The Mysterious Comfort of Panera’s Baked Potato Soup

Why bring Panera Baked Potato Soup home in refrigerated form? Supertaster investigates.

Are Magnum Ice Cream Bars All That Great?

A Supertaster value check to see if the Magnum ultrapremium ice cream treat lives up to its price tag.

The Tricky Genius of Barbara’s Blueberry Fig Bars

Barbara's Fig Bars are Fig Newtons and yet not Fig Newtons, and there's a certain genius to that.

Reaction to Frontier Airlines Killing the Cookie

When Frontier Airlines decided to stop serving its signature chocolate chip cookie, a dream died, too.

Five Frozen Pizzas Reviewed in Two Minutes

Supertaster takes up a reader's challenge and tackles five popular frozen pizza brands—Tombstone, Bernatello's, DiGiornio, Jack's, and Totino's—in two gluttonous minutes.

Fighting a Hangover with Quaker Real Medleys

Can Quaker Real Medleys, a new "instant oatmeal plus assorted stuff" product (which isn't yet listed on Quaker's site, by the way), help a hungover Supertaster recover?