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Hand-Shaved Ice Raspados

There’s a pretty good raspado cart outside of La Raza Market, reports rworange. READ MORE

Chavez Supermarket for Al Pastor

We’ve heard many, many good notices for al pastor at Chavez Supermarket and Taqueria. READ MORE

Dumplings for Breakfast

What better breakfast is there, asks Poot, than a bowl of delicate dumplings in tart broth? READ MORE

Fresh Pani Puri at Chat Patta

Pani puri is one of the great pleasures of life. It’s the epitome of mouth drama. READ MORE

The Crepe of the Vietnamese

A Vietnamese crepe (banh xeo) is a more hot-blooded affair than a French crepe. READ MORE

Thai Satay

Nearly every Thai standard on Thai Satay’s menu is prepared either competently or brilliantly. READ MORE

Korean Fire Chicken

umetaro found a buldalk restaurant during a drunken post-sushi stumble. READ MORE


Muffalettas at Murphy’s Deli compare pretty nicely to the genuine article–the ones from Central Grocery in New Orleans. READ MORE

Pupusa Catering Tip

The best bite at last month’s Cinco de Mayo fair in Santa Rosa was a Salvadoran pupusa, reports Melanie Wong. READ MORE

Sea Salt Is Better Than You’d Expect

Sea Salt Restaurant has a poor reputation among Chowhounds. But several dissent, saying food here is exceptionally good, though expensive. READ MORE