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10 Essential Apple Recipes for Fall

There are so many things to love about autumn rolling round again, especially apple season. One of these 10 apple recipes is usually on our table or pantry over the long, cool months of fall and winter, and they’re among our favorite things to cook for parties. Head to the farmers' market for delicious heirloom fruit and get cooking! READ MORE

8 Addictive Takes on Chicken Casserole Perfect for Chilly Weather

Chicken casserole is one of the classic comfort foods that you remember from childhood. Often made with rice, pasta, or potatoes, the combination of tender chicken and a sauce (or cheese) is a simple dish that you can share with a crowd and easily make in advance. READ MORE

9 Cocktail Recipes to Make You Feel Like a Mixologist

Instead of going out to a swanky cocktail bar, why not bring the cocktails home? READ MORE

Make Tomatillo Salsa Tonight, Cook These 7 Recipes All Week

Tomatillos, a.k.a. the Mexican husk tomato, is a ubiquitous feature of Mexican markets and well-stocked grocery stores. They’re also easy to turn into salsa, either cooked or fresh table salsas, and they freeze exceptionally well. Considering all of these facts, a tomatillo salsa is the perfect shortcut recipe: make up a batch of either style, keep it in the fridge, and it’ll enhance quick meals for the week to come. READ MORE

9 Baked Pastas You Can Make with Penne

Yes, we know that baked pasta is a cheap trick: there’s no way that carbs covered in sauce and cheese aren’t going to be delicious. READ MORE

13 Sweet and Savory Butternut Squash Recipes

As we head into fall produce season, we’re ready for squash. READ MORE

8 Reasons Stuffed Peppers Are the Most Versatile Dish Ever

Peppers in all their forms and colors are wondrous things, ripe with variations in sweetness, heat, and flavor. They’re also perfectly suited for filling with all kinds of ingredients and cooking, whether baking, frying, or braising in the sow cooker. Here are 8 recipes that show off the versatility of filled peppers, from traditional stuffed bells to spicy jalapeño poppers. READ MORE

9 Globally-Inspired Meatballs That Rule the World

A survey of America’s most famous meatballs would quickly start with the red sauce-slathered ones on top of spaghetti and promptly end with the gravy-coated kind of the Swedish persuasion. Both of which are perfectly lovely. READ MORE

What Are the Best Apples For Baking?

If you’ve ever made a dessert with apples, you’ll know that not all varieties bake equally. Some hold up beautifully under heat, retaining their texture and taste. READ MORE

Minestrone Is a Seasonal Soup: 7 Recipes to Prove It

The simple Italian vegetable soup known as minestrone is a wonder of improvisation and the changing realities of fridge and pantry. In high summer, it’s a soup that highlights tender, barely cooked garden vegetables; in winter, it’s all about incorporating canned and preserved ingredients, and adding things like cured pork and red wine to give it a more substantial flavor. Here, in no particular order, are 7 recipes you can take seasonal inspiration from. READ MORE