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14 Ridiculously Good Chorizo Recipes

In the realm of food subscriptions that don’t exist but should, a chorizo of the month club would definitely be one worth signing up for. And not just because it would mean a regular supply of meat shipped straight to your door. READ MORE

How to Make the Best Iced Coffee

Starting your day without coffee is unthinkable, but it’s not always a simple as buying a cup on your way into the office. READ MORE

A Week of Stir-Fries (Plus One): 8 Essential Wok Recipes

The stir-fry is our go-to weeknight dinner. A little meat and vegetable prep, a pot of rice, a 10-minute (or less) cooking time in a hot wok—it has all the elements of a healthy, texturally interesting, and endlessly variable dish. Here are 8 easy recipes that never leave our repertoire. READ MORE

The Hottest Cooking Oil You’ve Never Heard of: Algae Oil

I was recently at a Chef’s Feed event, when I started chatting with Keith Belling. One of the things I love about Chef’s Feed events, their parties are always a great way to connect with others in the culinary industry to discover the latest and greatest restaurants and products. READ MORE

Kielbasa Outside the Bun: 9 Handy Recipes

In Polish, kielbasa means “sausage.” In North America, it’s a catch-all term for different varieties of traditional Polish sausages: spicy or mild, smoked or not, dried or fresh, made exclusively with pork or a mix of meats. In U.S. supermarkets, kielbasa is mostly either unsmoked or very lightly smoked, and often stands in as a slightly more rustic and more filling substitute for the hot dog. Outside of a bun, though, kielbasa is a very useful and adaptable ingredient. Here are 9 ways to let it shine. READ MORE

Ground Beef: 9 Essential Recipes

Ground beef is one of the supporting pillars of mainstream American food in the latter half of the 20th century. It was cheap, readily available, and could be applies to all kinds of preparations. It was also an easy source of animal protein for a nation kind of obsessed about it. Fortunately, all that interest in ground beef has allowed us to be the beneficiaries of a great cache of great recipes. Here are 9 we can’t seem to stop making. READ MORE

Get Your Treat On with These 11 Halloween Candies You Can Make at Home

Yes, we all love an excuse to buy bags of miniature candy. But this year, why not put your kitchen skills to the test and remake some old favorites? READ MORE

13 Ridiculously Tasty Excuses to Save Your Leftover Pumpkin Seeds

The month of October is basically one long build up to Halloween. And somewhere in the middle of it, between picking out a costume and stocking up on enough candy for both yourself and your trick or treaters, you’ll find yourself lugging home a portly, orange pumpkin, disemboweling it, and carving into it a picture perfect jack-o’-lantern / black cat / replica of the Mona Lisa. READ MORE

What’s the difference between the most common types of apples?

They say that an apple a day can keep the doctor away. But what type of apple? Granny-smith? Red Delicious? Golden Delicious? READ MORE

7 Tequila Cocktails That Go Beyond the Margarita

Tequila has a reputation as a party alcohol: It’s the one you reach for on vacation or for a weekend margarita. But these cocktail recipes show tequila in a different, more sophisticated light. READ MORE