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Overheard on the San Francisco Boards

"As soon as we tasted the crab we forgot about everything else on the table. It was so incredibly delicious that it was impossible to stop eating it. It struck me that this dish was the embodiment of why I like this restaurant so much. Fiery, flavorful, rich." - Ridge, on ma po tofu with crab at China Village

"My favorite was the lengua with such a beautiful texture and so much beefy goodness that I picked it out of the taco to enjoy the meat on its own." - rworange, on tacos at Martinez Restaurant

"Brussels sprouts in a mint, carrot, and togarashi preparation—recommended by the server and my favorite dish of the evening with lovely bitter taste of the charred Brussels sprouts—it would have a place of honor on many a French chef's menu." - davidgi on Nombe

What’s the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?

What’s the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?

Nothing, if you shop in the States. READ MORE

Pizza Crust with Football-Like Bounce

Pizza Crust with Football-Like Bounce

This week's mission: Self-rising frozen pizza for the Super Bowl. READ MORE

Eggs Make the Meal

Eggs are inexpensive, healthy, and cook quickly, making them a perfect centerpiece for lunch or dinner when combined with vegetables and other savory ingredients.

"I love making a composed salad with a poached egg on top," says smtucker. "Break the egg and it becomes part of the dressing."

sholli is a fan of asparagus topped with a poached egg and Parmesan, and says he puts poached or soft-boiled eggs "over anything—other hearty veggies (roasted Brussels sprouts, garlicky spinach or kale, etc.), homemade black beans with salsa, and even potatoes or a root veggie hash for a breakfast-as-dinner approach."

ziggylu loves French lentils braised in wine and topped with a poached egg.


Overnight Oatmeal for Grab-and-Go Breakfasts

Even if you lack the time or inclination to cook in the morning, you can have a hearty and healthful oatmeal breakfast ready to go with minimal labor the night before.

Hot old-fashioned rolled oats will cook overnight in an insulated beverage container, rworange has found. "Using Quaker rolled oats (not quick), I put 2/3 cups boiling water in a thermos and add 1/3 cup rolled oats," she says. "The next morning I open it and ... hot oatmeal." Sometimes she adds dried fruit and cinnamon when she sets it up. This works best with a stainless steel thermos, rworange notes.


Super Bowl Food Faux Pas

Super Bowl Food Faux Pas

What to serve—and not serve—for the big game. READ MORE

Luscious Olive Oil Gelato

What does olive oil lend to the sweet treat that is gelato? rainey thinks it gives a "hard-to-define fruity quality" that's quite delicious. HillJ says, "The back flavor is olive oil essence and the mouthfeel much smoother with the inclusion of olive oil."

This recipe is the most delicious that HillJ has tried; she makes it with an extra-light olive oil. markabauman uses a similar recipe, but infuses the milk with basil. rainey makes this Meyer lemon olive oil ice cream with lemon olive oil and limoncello.

Discuss: Olive Oil Gelato

Crocheted Cajun

Writer and "food artist" Clare Crespo has knitted an entire Mardi Gras feast. On display at Heath Ceramics in Los Angeles, her pieces include fabric versions of seafood gumbo, beignets and café au lait, king cake, catfish po' boy, and more. Her oysters are shown here.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, the show's opening party is on February 6 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Heath. There will be complimentary Abita beer and other Fat Tuesday–friendly treats.

Overheard on the Home Cooking Boards

"The other day I tried a recipe for white bean gratin which was absolutely fantastic. I couldn't believe how tasty it was despite its simplicity. It had an amazing depth of flavour without containing stock, and it was incredibly creamy without containing any dairy." - NickMontreal

"Just miso paste and hot water isn't bad if you're in a hurry and want something hot, but I think miso soup made with dashi is a whole lot more flavorful/complex/etc. and only takes about 5–8 minutes longer." - kilercow

"I like it on roast chicken, with roast pork or in a seasoning mix with cracked coriander for beef. It imparts a spiciness to food and tends to numb the tongue. You can put it on green vegetables, as well." - bushwickgirl, on Sichuan peppercorns

Quaker Candy Boom

Here's the best story about faith-based candymakers you'll read this month: The BBC explains why Quakers were for so long dominant over Britain's candy industry.

The fact that Quaker-founded firms (such as the recently sold Cadbury) had such influence is particularly interesting when you consider the relatively small numbers of the faithful (less than 0.1 percent of the population of 21 million in the UK in 1851). But it seems that an informal fraternity of Quaker candymakers led to business networks that helped all of them get a leg up on their non-Quaker countrymen, and a straightforward "no-haggle" pricing scheme helped solidify relationships with customers.

If you're a business, candy, or labor history buff, this is a story worth reading.

Oh, and Quaker Oats? Totally not Quaker, at any point!