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Go Savory at Danish Pastry House

Find out what why hounds are calling the multigrain sandwiches "phenomenal." READ MORE

How to Eat Your Trash

Some tips for using scraps you might be throwing away. READ MORE

Overheard on the Boston Boards

Still-warm supermarket tortillas, buffalo chicken pizza, and more from this week's boards. READ MORE

A Diner with a View

The scenery at Scup's isn't the only thing making hounds write sentences with lots of exclamation points. READ MORE

Tea Leaves Live in a Yellow Submarine

Add a little cute to your morning brew. READ MORE

Take a Bite of Mega Butter

A crazy recipe for "mega butter" goes from comic strip to test kitchen to the masses, all in a bit more than a week. READ MORE

Dense, Chewy Apricot Panforte

The Panforte Company makes a flavorful version of the Italian fruit and nut cake. READ MORE

Chantilly’s Japanese-French Precision

Perfection is what this bakery is shooting for. READ MORE

A Friendly Place for Pig’s Ears

The Lazy Ox Canteen's casual awesomeness. READ MORE

Superlative Chicken Tenders

The Chicken Lady's chicken tenders will make you forget you ever had the chopped-and-pressed fast-food variety. READ MORE