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Special Dishes, Secret Prices

Why won't my server tell me how much the special costs? READ MORE

How to Cook Pasta Without Boiling Water

Alternatives to the same old pasta pot. READ MORE

The Smooth Indulgence of Chicken Liver

Hounds have a rich selection of favorite pâté recipes. READ MORE

Tangerines Brighten Winter Dishes

Roasted, dried, or baked, this sweet citrus integrates well with fish, meat, and desserts. READ MORE

Overheard on the Home Cooking Boards

The perils of liquid smoke, how to salt your burger, and easy peanut butter fudge sauce for ice cream. READ MORE

Dipping While Driving

A new ketchup packet might change everything ... about ketchup packets, anyway. READ MORE

Jamie Oliver Wants to Change the World

The British chef reveals his deepest wishes to TED. READ MORE

What Separates Junk Food from the Real Stuff?

Chowhounds attempt to explain the essential quality that makes a dish "junk." READ MORE

Why Do People Always Order Ginger Ale When They Fly?

We allow some flight attendants to speculate wildly. READ MORE

The Color of Red Wine

Extraction time, temperature, juice-to-skin ratio, and ... Mega Purple? READ MORE