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Girl Scout Slayer

This week's mission: Can a knockoff cookie knock off the Girl Scouts Thin Mint? READ MORE

The Best Air I Ever Huffed

This week's mission: Is an expensive can of flavored oxygen any better than it sounds? READ MORE

Brave a Lost City of Orange County

Fonda La Meche is home-style Mexican cooking worth the travel. READ MORE

You Can’t Hurry a Braise

Yu Garden is willing to simmer. READ MORE

Chillin’ and Grillin’ Your Fish

A vintage gas station is transformed into a sparkling seafood vendor. READ MORE

The Underworld of Beer Trading

Rare beer from strangers. READ MORE

Overheard on the Los Angeles Boards

Pristine ramen, juicy chicken empanadas, and duck confit that's better than homemade. READ MORE

Anatomy of a Fast-Food PR Feast

DailyFinance goes deep into burgerland, following the exploits of a White Castle co-owner and visiting a tricked-out Burger King press event. READ MORE

Sharpie and Styrofoam Coffee Cup Art

A cheap vehicle for pricey drawings. READ MORE

The Top 10 Worst-for-You Starbucks Drinks

Get more than a third of your daily calories at coffee break! READ MORE