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I Want My Chicken Nugget Button

Goofy appliance innovations at the International Home and Housewares Show. READ MORE

The Wisdom of Young Farmers: Khaiti Khaleck

When she was 24, Khaiti Kahleck bought her "farm," a 1.8-acre lot in a suburban Wisconsin community outside of the Twin Cities. Six years have passed, and Kahleck has turned from vegan to loving goat milker, cheesemaker, and duck-herder. She currently has a flock of 160 ducks at Living the Dream Farm, and has focused her efforts around selling duck eggs through her CSA (subscribers can also add greens, fresh goat-milk feta, or goat milk soap to the share). The farm is a one-woman operation, and she's hoping to turn a profit this year so that she can become a full-time farmer. Here's what she has to say: READ MORE

Blondies Have More Fun

The butterscotch base takes to tinkering. READ MORE

Fast, Flexible Pork Tenderloin

With our instructions, you won't screw it up. READ MORE

The New Cottage Food Economy

Home chefs take their crafty wares to the people. READ MORE

It’s Avocado Season!

Make the most of the "green butter." READ MORE

Overheard on the Home Cooking Boards

Cabbage and bacon for supper, tomato soup with a quivering egg, and how not to set your face on fire while cooking. READ MORE

When Did “Cheeseburger” Become a Flavor?

A recall of oddly-flavored Pringles raises a secondary point... what's with flavoring things like cheeseburgers, anyway? READ MORE

Beyond Supermarket Butter

Fresh butter from the farmers' market "absolutely sings." READ MORE

Peanut Coke?

The traditional Texas concoction of salted peanuts in soda satisfies a primal urge. READ MORE