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Cinnabon Bar No Emotional Crutch

This week's mission: the familiar airport brand, now in snack bar form. READ MORE

Microwavable Sushi

This week's mission: making sushi at home from a kit. Really? READ MORE

Accents Make Cooking Shows Better

A video about cooking a dish dating back 355 years. READ MORE

Who Will Cream Supreme?

One bakery stands tall in the cream puff showdown. READ MORE

Fish Taco Bliss

Marlin tacos where the flesh takes center stage. READ MORE

Lazy Man’s Whole Grains

Frozen grains that actually taste good. READ MORE

Grass-Fed Beef Sliders Truck

Fantastic juicy burgers, Twittering somewhere near you. READ MORE

Overheard on the Los Angeles Boards

A gastropub worthy visiting, burgers and Belgian fries, super-crisp falafel. READ MORE

How to Make James Beard Furious

You can't line a pan with kidney fat, you moron! READ MORE

James Beard Award Nominees Announced

Today the James Beard Foundation sent out the full list of nominees for its 2010 awards, including books, journalism, broadcast media, restaurants and chefs, and more. We were thrilled to see nominated along with and for the "Website Focusing on Food, Beverage, Restaurants, or Nutrition" category. Here is a rundown of the other food journalism nominees. To check out the full list of all the categories, you can download this .pdf file. Congratulations to all the nominees! Craig Claiborne Distinguished Restaurant Reviews Jonathan Gold “Sauced,” “Hot Birria, Cold Cerveza,” “Hare Today” Patric Kuh “Border Crossing,” “Peru Calling,” “The Classic” Jason Sheehan “White on White,” “Wonderland,” “Mourning” Food Blog READ MORE