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Celery Leaves Are Treasure, Not Trash

Don't toss out the leafy tops of celery stalks. They have lots of flavor and can be used like an herb or eaten as a vegetable.

appycamper loves celery leaves in salads dressed with mayo. "They cut the mayo with a great sharp taste that I like much better than added vinegar," she says. "If I am fortunate enough to have a lot of celery leaves," says greygarious, "I use them as the green part of a salad." ipsedixit thinks they are lovely in banh mi.

Many hounds add celery leaves to soups and stews. "Like many other bitter greens, the celery leaves sweeten with cooking," says ChefJune. Pata_Negra adds them to steamed mussels and says they are much more aromatic than parsley. shaogo wilts the leaves in olive oil, adds tomato cubes, basil, and garlic, and serves them on fresh pasta.

For those who have an aversion to cilantro or are allergic, celery leaves are a good substitute, says CeeBee.

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Overheard on the Home Cooking Boards

"Roll it tight in Saran wrap about the size of a medium cigar and freeze. It won't be like fresh, but it will be better than dried. I do it with cilantro, too." – mrbigshotno.1, on preserving fresh basil

"Why bother to peel potatoes at all? Potato peels are edible and add nutritional value, as well as color and texture. I rarely peel potatoes, just wash them and check them for eyes and bruises that need to be cut off before boiling." – BobB

"Mix some miso paste with a bit of sugar, sake, and mirin (you can sub a bit of white wine and vinegar). Marinate in that and broil or grill. If you ever get the chance, hamachi collar (yellowtail) is amazing, too." – sbp, on what to do with salmon collars

Sushi Gets Silly

Serious Eats presents a simple yet slightly awe-inspiring idea, at least for those of us with kids: peanut butter sushi. Granted that the concept (rolled-up bread containing peanut butter and fillings and toppings such as veggies, jam, mini-marshmallows, or Rice Krispies) is about as far from cuts of ocean-fresh fish laid reverently on vinegared rice as a hot dog is from a banana, but sushi's visual impact and finger-friendly size is nicely preserved by the concept.


Tasty Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

"Finding a maple syrup suitable for diabetics can be frustrating," says todao, who cooks for people with special dietary needs. "Most are either watery or have bitter aftertastes or both, which causes me to avoid them almost entirely." But Blackberry Patch Maple Praline Sugar Free Syrup is a sweet find. "It is, IMO, the best product of its kind," says todao. It does contain the ingredient malitol, which can cause cramping if used in excess; "I suspect that the tolerance for malitol must vary by individual, so it would be advisable, I think, to use it sparingly," says todao.

mcf has another tip: "I've found a really effective fix for weak-tasting sugar free maple syrup; I buy natural maple extract and add some to the SF stuff. Doesn't thicken it, but the flavor is richer, much more like the real stuff."

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Earthy, Nutty Hempseed Oil

Hempseed oil has been showing up in natural food stores lately, says lagatta. "Of course I mean the legal stuff with minimal THC, not hash oil." You shouldn't really cook with it, says goodhealthgourmet, because it oxidizes very easily when exposed to heat. Not to mention it's pretty pricey for cooking use.

"I reserve it for salad dressing, pesto, hummus and bean dips, or drizzling over foods that are already cooked—it's OK to use it on hot food, I'd just avoid the higher direct cooking heat," says goodhealthgourmet. It works well in foods like pesto and hummus, traditionally made with olive oil. The flavor is earthy and nutty, as opposed to fruity (as with olive oil), but the flavor of hempseed oil isn't too assertive, says goodhealthgourmet.

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Peanut Butter on Corn?

"I was visiting with some friends from the West Coast and we had a big clam bake. Lobsters, clams, linguiça, corn. You know, all the fixings," says Lenox637. "One of my friend's daughters went into the kitchen and returned with a jar of peanut butter. I watched, horrified, I must say, as she spread the peanut butter over the corn on the cob." Lenox637 was told that peanut butter is a common corn topping on the West Coast, although few Chowhounds have heard of the phenomenon. ipsedixit's college roommate used to make sandwiches of drained canned corn and peanut butter on Texas toast. "Tried it once and it wasn't all that bad," says ipsedixit. "Sweet, savory, and crunchy. Sort of like a PB&J sandwich except you get that extra mouthfeel crunch and texture from the corn niblets instead of just the jiggly sliminess of the jelly or jam."

Peanut butter is a completely legitimate popcorn topping, says anonymouse1935. Warm the peanut butter first, says goodhealthgourmet, or "turn it into sort of a PB caramel sauce. Warm some honey or simple syrup (or for a delicious twist, maple syrup) and a dash of vanilla in a saucepan, remove from the heat, and stir in peanut butter without added sugar," suggests goodhealthgourmet. "Drizzle over freshly popped corn and toss to coat."

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Overheard on the General Topics Boards

"Actually, May's sompopo queen ants could be considered the 'Mayan caviar' since the part removed from them is loaded with ant eggs. In other words, the belly bottom of the sompopo queen ant is the equivalent of the roe of fish." – rworange

"Key is to buy SMALL strawberries that look ugly. More often than not producers have been trying to find the holy grail of 'beauty queen' strawberries—so much the better for dipping in chocolate and charging a premium, but so much the worse on the palate." – ipsedixit, on finding tasty strawberries

"I'm not yet fluent in Spanish and I found I have great success with info about fish varieties by pointing to it and asking 'Tilapia?' If they put one-inch smelt on my dish, I still ask the same thing." – rworange

See the Truck. Be the Truck.

As we've learned from running a food site, pictures of food make people want to eat it. If you're wondering what food truck you might patronize for lunch today, MobileCravings has the visuals to feed your musings. The site has pictures and short videos of trucks and their wares in cities from New York to Los Angeles. Pocket pies in Houston? Banh mi by bike in San Francisco?

Overheard on the Boston Boards

"Kimball's in Westford is excellent. I grew up in that area and EVERYONE went to Kimball's on hot summer nights. If you want a 'Man vs. Food' moment, order the Kimball's Special or banana split." – Cheffrank

"The hash browns are fabulous, the multigrain pancakes with berries, biscuits, really smoky bacon, and ham are really good, and I also like the red flannel hash. The cranberry walnut and the anadama toast are also topnotch." – bear, on breakfast at Henrietta's Table

"I took one of the Cambodian classes at Elephant Walk and it was wonderful. Very hands-on (we hand-chopped over a pound of ginger) and a delicious group meal afterwards."
– rouxmaker

Francis Lam Has a Crush

Cutty's was recently called out in Digest for having yummy sandwiches made by a guy who used to work for Cook's Illustrated and is now the subject of a Salon article by Francis Lam focusing entirely on one sandwich: roast beef and crispy shallot. So, you know, it's probably pretty good.

"Definitely not a super value sort of place, but that roast beef sandwich is one of the finest sandwiches around," says nsenada. It should be noted, however, that drinks are quite reasonable: "$.80 for a fresh lime juice isn't bad in my book," says Chrispy75.

Cutty's [South Shore]
284 Washington Street, Brookline

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