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Crunchy Cicada Goodness

"Eating insects fascinates me from a historical, nutritional, and ecological standpoint, but when I actually have a cicada in hand I start ... READ MORE

Overheard on the General Topics Board

"I don't like Thai tacos! And I don't like my baklava made with flour tortillas. SUCKS!" – Caroline1, against ill-advised "... READ MORE

Towne Stove and Spirits’ Downtown Style

Towne Stove and Spirits is new in town but may seem familiar to those who have visited the other restaurants in Lydia Shire's purview: Lock... READ MORE

Asian Things in Bread at Foumami

Foumami has a name that sets Chowhound temperature to "mock": "the name translates to something like 'Food the Buddha would have loved,' or... READ MORE

The Best House-Made Ginger Beer

lipoff was served a highly disappointing house-made ginger beer drink at Highland Kitchen: "The cocktail menu lists the Mark N Stormy as ... READ MORE

Overheard on the Boston Board

"[M]y favorite "going out" fun bar remains Middlesex. It's not a quiet place to have a drink with friends; there is good, loud music t... READ MORE

No Poker Face for Miss Gla’Gla

Ice cream sandwiches are not a uniquely American treat. They’re eaten in various forms in Australia, Scotland, and even Singapore, where the ice cream might be sandwiched between actual slices of bread. (CHOW recently made more traditional ones: the Snickerdoodle and the Double Chocolate Fudgy.) READ MORE

When Lovin’ It Goes Overboard

People sure do enjoy their McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. This video—number-one story on BBC News as of Tuesday, 6 p.m. Central time—s... READ MORE

Smoke Signals

Imparting meat and other foods with a smoked flavor generally requires either a backyard grill (and a backyard to put it in) or some kind of enormous metal object you don't have room to store in your apartment cupboards. READ MORE

What Food to Bring New Parents

Some friends of mine just had a baby and I want to drop by with some food, as I understand new parents are totally exhausted and don’t even have time to boil an egg. But what should I bring? READ MORE