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Superpower Energy Bars for School Days and Work Days

Superpower Energy Bars for School Days and Work Days

When your blood sugar plummets and a fresh apple is nowhere in sight, that smashed energy bar at the bottom of your bag is a godsend. I... READ MORE

Fake Street Food from Taco Bell

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The new Cantina Tacos from Taco Bell are cashing in on the street food trend. They're soft corn tortillas, meat, onion, and cilantr... READ MORE

Benu: It’s Finally Here

If you didn't make a reservation for just-opened Benu ages ago, you're in for a long wait. Chef Corey Lee was previously chef de cuisine ... READ MORE

SF’s Link in Japanese Ramen Chain

Ajisen, a Japanese ramen chain, has extended its reach with a branch in San Francisco's Westfield shopping center (there's another one in... READ MORE

The Mission Gets a New Heirloom

"Heirloom Café is a great addition to the Mission and at times the food soars, but it can also be inconsistent," says SFDude, adding tha... READ MORE

Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"It was a buttery delight—crisp and caramelized exterior, richly buttery interior." – pilinut, on kouign ama... READ MORE

Food Blogger Flogged, Dr. Claw Boiled

Big Brother Doesn't Want You to Be Fat: The FDA has proposed national guidelines (similar to those already in effect in New York City) that would require restaurant chains with over 20 locations to post calorie info for menu items. via LA Times READ MORE

Charles Phan’s Go-To Dish

Charles Phan’s Go-To Dish

The premiere episode of CHOW's My Go-To Dish video series features Slanted Door chef-owner Charles Phan. To make his go-to dish your own, see the recipe. WATCH THE VIDEO

How to Make the Perfect Salad

How to Make the Perfect Salad

Preparing salads is like preparing eggs: On paper it's simple, but it takes practice to get it just right. "A fine salad is an art," says James Beard in James Beard's American Cookery. And so, like any artist, you'll need to practice—to make salads again and again until you learn what works and what doesn't. You'll meet successes and failures. But what you can't do is give up, because once you master salads, endless combinations of delicious and healthy meals await. So read our primer on what to put in a salad, and study these tips, then go develop your own artistic salad style. Don't forget to study our salad hall of shame (what not to do!). READ MORE

Early Jolly Green Giant or Satanic Imp in a Toga?

This spot was made for the Minnesota Valley Canning Company, which later re-named itself Green Giant after the great success of the masco... READ MORE