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Easy-Growing Miniature Butter Lettuce

Granted, this may be an odd time of the year to write about lettuce seeds, but I'm going to do it anyway, because I am so stoked on how well a variety of butterhead lettuce called Tom Thumb is performing in my garden boxes. It produces tiny, fist-sized versions of butter lettuce, and because it's a miniature variety it matures in only about 30 days. The size makes it an ideal container-gardening crop; it really doesn't need a lot of room to grow, and it's just about the ideal portion for a single serving of salad per head. READ MORE

10,000-Hour Pancake

What are you mastering in the kitchen? READ MORE

The Chiles en Nogada Season

It's the right season for chiles en nogada, a complex dish of poblano peppers stuffed with chopped meats and fruits, topped with a creamy... READ MORE

Haggis Is Comfort Food

mariacarmen recently tried haggis for the first time—two kinds of haggis, actually—and found them to be "not so creepy after all." "B... READ MORE

Loser Fake-Meat Dinners

This week's mission: Gardein Trios veggie entrées. READ MORE

Crunchy Cicada Goodness

"Eating insects fascinates me from a historical, nutritional, and ecological standpoint, but when I actually have a cicada in hand I start ... READ MORE

Overheard on the General Topics Board

– Caroline1, against ill-advised "fusion" – RealMenJulienne – Tripeler ... READ MORE

Towne Stove and Spirits’ Downtown Style

Towne Stove and Spirits is new in town but may seem familiar to those who have visited the other restaurants in Lydia Shire's purview: Lock... READ MORE

Asian Things in Bread at Foumami

Foumami has a name that sets Chowhound temperature to "mock": "the name translates to something like 'Food the Buddha would have loved,' or... READ MORE

The Best House-Made Ginger Beer

lipoff was served a highly disappointing house-made ginger beer drink at Highland Kitchen: "The cocktail menu lists the Mark N Stormy as ... READ MORE