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Grace Young Is a Wok Evangelist

Grace Young Is a Wok Evangelist

Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Mastery, with Authentic Recipes and Stories Grace Young wants you to cook with a wok. Through travels and interviews, Young (who has a few cookbooks under her belt and is a contributing editor at Saveur magazine) witnessed home cooks in China and Taiwan abandoning woks for nonstick pans. Meanwhile most Asian Americans don't even know how to use the woks that have been passed down from their parents and grandparents. (Guilty as charged—I am Chinese American and didn't own or use a wok until recently.) READ MORE

Chicken Liver Surprise on an Indian Menu

The Indian food at Banjara leaves Deb Van D mostly unmoved, with one splendid exception: kolize poori wali, an appetizer of sautéed chicke... READ MORE

In Hell’s Kitchen, Bites from the Balkans

From the 15-odd vegetable spreads in Balkanika's eye-catching display case, josephsm picked four and hit the jackpot. Beet, leek, celery ro... READ MORE

Overheard on the New York Boards

"[W]ow, those fries are amazing! The closest I've had to a McDonald's style fry in a long time: not too thick, not too thin, crunchy, ... READ MORE

Vodka Swims with the Salmon

Could salmon vodka be the most extreme flavor of the beverage ever? Short answer: yes. READ MORE

Boarding the Trendy Pretzel Bandwagon

Were Ritz Crackers really insufficiently munchable in their current, longstanding incarnation? This seems hard to believe. They're the Oreo cookie of crackers: deceptively simple, omnipresent, always dependable, hard to eat just 12. READ MORE

Bursting the Pop-Tarts Bubble

The Pop Tarts restaurant in Times Square is getting its just desserts, but is all the venom really necessary? READ MORE

Dreading a Sustainability Backlash

What happens when local/sustainable seems "so 2010"? READ MORE

A Tasty Plum Previews at the Ferry Building

The news that chef Jeremy Fox, formerly of Ubuntu, had also pulled out of Daniel Patterson's upcoming restaurant, Plum, came on the same ... READ MORE

Gourmet Quality, No Frills at SLOW

With eVe, Chocolatier Blue, and now SLOW, it seems like Charlie Trotter alums are taking over Berkeley—or at least a block in its gourmet... READ MORE