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Your Dog, the Gourmet

If your dog has such a great sense of smell, why is he eating your old socks? READ MORE

Three Times an Entrée

Double entendres aside, three-ways have been offered up since the Yuan dynasty. READ MORE

What’s That White Stuff on Grapes?

Is it pesticide? Yeast? Unidentified gross substance? READ MORE

Something More Than Crappy Pilsner

Paul Blow

While there is no brand of American pilsner distributed nationally, several excellent examples have popped up on the micro and regional levels. READ MORE

Am I Being Petty?

I think it’s rude of people to assume they can keep my Tupperware. Or am I being petty? READ MORE

In Search of the Great American Beer Hall

Fodor’s has published a brief—and flawed—report on the five best places in America to drink American beer. READ MORE


Vile, Terrible, Nasty, and Ugly

CHOW talks to A. A. Gill about the business of reviewing restaurants, organics as a style statement, and the dark evil of Starbucks. READ MORE

Lots to Learn

In an interview, Michael Mina dishes about the glories of micro-veggies, locally grown produce, and diver scallops—a delicacy that gives us pause, knowing what we know about sustainable seafood. READ MORE

We’re So Hungry at the Fair

At The Seattle Times, a reporter goes walking and eating at the Puyallup Fair. READ MORE

The Sommelier as Shaman

Is there a real art to matching food and wine, or is the whole practice of finding the perfect “pairing” so much hokum? READ MORE