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Snail Mail

Candy reports that iGourmet has mail-order canned escargots. They’re imported from Burgundy, already cooked and ready to serve. ... READ MORE

Hole in One of a Hot Dog

Penmar’s Golf Course’s Coffee Shop makes one of the best hot dogs in town. It’s grilled to perfection, with a bun cooked golden on the griddle, and all the condiments you can handle. ... READ MORE

Beverly Hills Kosher French Cafe

Cow Jumped Over the Moon is a kosher dairy restaurant disguised as an ultra-cute French caf READ MORE

Canned Cheese and Butter!

There is good canned cheese and canned butter in this world. Really. So if you need some canned cheese for some reason–like you’re traveling in high heat, or you want some canned cheese for your pantry, try these: ... READ MORE

Romance, eGullet style

What happens when two food-obsessed eGullet members fall in love? They spend a week eating their way through Seattle, they prepare dinner for friends, they even challenge each other to an Iron Chef-style cook off. And they blog the whole thing. READ MORE

Hooray for Superficially Attractive Female TV Chefs!

Details is “sizing up the most fetching domestic goddesses currently on the small screen,” and damned if they’re not contributing to the destruction of Western culture in the process. READ MORE

Make Your Own Soda Pop

How to brew homemade ginger beer and root beer. READ MORE

Your Sassafras Has Been Neutered

Sassafras contains safrole, a believed carcinogen -- so it's unlikely that you'll find any in your root beer. READ MORE

They’re Just Like Us!

Can you get any room service you desire? Well, if you’re Jay-Z and you want red M&Ms (and only red M&Ms), the answer is an emphatic “yes!” READ MORE

Art of the Shock-tail

Bacon-infused vodka martinis, rum and steak sauce -- has it really come to this? READ MORE