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Pizza Party

The blog world has basically gone pizza-crazy. Jeff Varasano sparked a lot of pie talk when he posted his incredible reverse-engineered Patsy’s pizza recipe last week, but there’s also quite a bit of seemingly independent discussion of the doughy dish. READ MORE

Should Red Wine Be Served at Room Temperature?

Serving wines slightly cool allows more flavor to come through. READ MORE

In Martha Mathers

In a future segment that could prove to be even more uncomfortable than when Sean Puff-Diddly-Daddy Combes taught her how to rap, Martha wants Eminem. READ MORE

Make Your Own Pancetta

Skin it, tie it up, let it hang: step-by-step instructions to make your own. READ MORE

Fried Okra… and I Guess They Have Wine, Too

Cav Wine Bar has stunningly good okra ($7), served split down the middle and fried tempura-style, says larochelle. It comes with aioli, but the okra is amazingly fantastic without it. The seeds pop. ... READ MORE

Pickled Pig Skin – “Tastes Like Calamari!”

Duro con cueritos is a great snack. It starts with a large square of duro (flour dough fried chicharron-style, to resemble fried pork skin) and gets piled with shredded cabbage, salsa fresca, curly pickled pig skin from a jar, and a squeeze of mystery sau READ MORE

Momofuku Ssam Bar: Korean-Accented Wraps in the East Village

Anyone who’s ever rolled a lettuce leaf around a bite of Korean barbecued meat will recognize the idea behind Momofuku Ssam Bar, which serves burrito-like wraps in thin pancakes. Like its popular sister restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar, the month-old S READ MORE

More Banh Mi for Brooklyn; and Other New York News

Nicky’s, the Vietnamese sandwich place in the East Village, has come to Brooklyn–or, actually, back to Brooklyn; its owners once ran the late, lamented An Dong. The new Boerum Hill shop comes through with a first-rate “classic” sandwich (pate, ham, grou READ MORE

Pineapple-Infused Vodka

Making your own pineapple-flavored vodka is super easy, and yields a huge payoff in deliciousness. Here’s how: peel a pineapple, cut it into eighths, and put it into a large sterilized jar (or two quart-size Mason jars). ... READ MORE

Roasting a Moist Turkey Breast

You can roast a whole bone-in, skin-on turkey breast and get wonderfully moist meat–moister than you’d likely get if roasting a whole bird. Most chowhounds advocate brining or using a kosher bird (the koshering process has a similar effect to brinin READ MORE