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Sizzlingly Great Steak Sandwiches

Musso & Frank has a killer open-faced steak sandwich on its menu with an equally killer price of $27. For a more modest $11, Nook Bistro’s ancho-rubbed flat iron steak sandwich with grilled onions sizzles. ... READ MORE

No Hassle Burgers on the Westside

Where can you go for an fantastic sit-down burger at peak hours without the hassle of a big crowd? Arsenal makes a pretty damn good Kobe beef burger, wilafur declares. ... READ MORE

Honey Curry Burritos

The special burrito menu at Hot Shop is exciting, though perhaps offensive to sticklers for authenticity. But sticklers for authenticity probably wouldn’t be reading a Chow Digest entry called “Honey Curry Burritos,” now would they? ... READ MORE

The 22nd Best Ramen In Town

There’s a new upstart in the much-contested 22nd-place spot on Melanie Wong’s rankings of ramen for the Bay Area. Kumako specializes in New York-style ramen, using a lighter and spicier stock than what you might be used to. ... READ MORE

Chocolate Malted Cake

This chocolate malted cake is Divamac’s favorite–she says it tastes just like a giant Whopper! ... READ MORE

Pizza Reheating Tip

If you like your pizza crust crisp and its top gooey, then don’t reheat your slices in the even. Yes, Virginia, even if you have a pizza stone, skip the oven, says Chas. ... READ MORE

Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa nibs are the very essence of chocolate. They’re shelled, roasted cocoa beans that have been ground into little bits. You can use them in baking where you’d use nuts, to add a bit of cocoa-intense crunchiness. ... READ MORE

Sheer Bliss

Sheer Bliss is an ice cream company out of Florida. They make a pomegranate flavor with tiny dark chocolate chips. Every bite is a creamy, sweet mouthful, says Chiba. ... READ MORE

They Can Have My Trans Fats When They Pry Them from My Cold Dead Fingers

A day after the news about the New York City Health Department’s proposal to ban trans fats was first reported, the Crisco is really hitting the fan. READ MORE

Do You Cook Like a Bree or a Susan?

It may sound like an overdone Cosmopolitan quiz, but it’s also the premise of a brand-new cookbook from Hyperion Books. READ MORE