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Great New Issan Thai

New restaurant Zapp Zapp Noodle House serves Issan-style Thai food–instead of the “stoplight curries” (i.e., red, yellow, and green) typical of southern Thai cooking, they specialize in stuff like noodles, salads, and deep-fried beef jerky. Beef jerky is juicy inside, with intense sweet and spicy flavors. Chicken wings, pleasantly sweet and moist and smothered with fried basil, come highly recommended by chewonthis. Pad kee mao is full of crisp, sweet, perfectly done vegetables, including an abundance of tomatoes, bell peppers, cabbage, carrots, basil, and zucchini. Salads are intensely flavored, yet refreshing. And for dessert, have a perfectly fried banana served over ice cream, topped with a bit of honey.

Zapp Zapp Noodle House [East Bay]
843 San Pablo Ave., Albany

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Down-Home Taiwanese Food, with Flair

The Red Onion Cafe is the new incarnation of the eclectic Oshine Caf

Want Great Cannolis? Do it Yourself

At a little hole-in-the-wall Italian shop apparently run by Russians supplying the restaurant industry, you can find what may be your best bet–and the best deal–for cannolis in town, says George.

No, you can’t scarf them on the spot. Some assembly is required. They sell cannoli shells, and pastry bags filled with a delicious ricotta cream.

Shells are 35 cents each–get a box of 40, and one $10 bag of cream will fill them perfectly. After tax, it comes to about $30 for 40 great cannolis.

They also have chocolate covered shells. Try dipping the ends in crushed pistachio, chocolate chips, coconut, cinnamon. Go crazy.

Tutto Latte Express [Hollywood]
1233 Vine St., Los Angeles

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Blue Crab Mondays at the Hideaway

For just a few more weeks, the Hideaway in Tribeca is serving blue crabs on Monday nights. Flown in the same morning from Maryland, they’re excellent, says lilhornet–three big ones for $19. They’ll be around through September, maybe a bit longer.

Beyond the seafood special, this year-old bar and restaurant has a short menu of sophisticated pub bites (e.g., smoked deviled eggs) and more substantial fare, like chile-marinated skirt steak and broiled shrimp with chorizo butter. GIS likes their burgers, crab cakes, and crispy free-range chicken, pan-seared then finished in the oven.

The Hideaway [Tribeca]
185 Duane St., between Greenwich and Hudson, Manhattan

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Enrico’s and Conti’s: Old-School Italian Sweets in the Bronx

Enrico’s is the go-to spot in Morris Park for Italian pastries. Best sfogliatelle in the area and nice Italian ices, reports gardener. To kenito799, it’s the equal of Veniero’s, the popular East Village bakery, at a fraction of the price.

Conti’s, a few blocks west in the Van Nest neighborhood, is a local favorite for cannoli, pignoli cookies, Boston cream pie, and other sweets.

Enrico’s Pastry Shop [Bronx]
1057 Morris Park Ave., between Hone and Lurting Aves., Bronx

Veniero’s Pastry Shop [East Village]
342 E. 11th St., near 1st Ave., Manhattan

Conti’s Pastry Shoppe [Bronx]
786 Morris Park Ave., between Barnes and Wallace Aves., Bronx

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Top Dog Toppings

Is your favorite hot dog topping no longer cutting the mustard? We have searched the world for new zesty and exciting hot dog topping concepts.

In Sweden, crispy fried onions with an optional shrimp salad sauce is the topping of choice. In France, fries aren’t just a side order–they’re a topping too.

Sonoran hotdogs are decadently wrapped in bacon before grilling. Once the dog done, it’s topped with pinto beans, onions (both grilled and raw), chopped tomatoes, jalapeno sauce, mustard, and mayonnaise, and served in a more substantially-sized roll, JK Grence the Cosmic Jester recalls.

Icelandic dogs are topped with remuladi, a sauce made from mayonnaise, eggs, vinegar, dill pickles, and spices, as well as possibly a hint of curry, says thorhallur.

Brazilian dogs are often topped with fried potato snack sticks.

A late night cart on the lower east side of New York City offers kimchee with little dried fish on its dogs. In L.A., Pink’s serves dogs topped with pastrami. Also in L.A., Oki’s dogs are topped with chili and shredded pork. And what hot dog wouldn’t be made better with a slice of fried bologna on the bun, Hue wonders.

Melted cheese is also great: you might try Gruyere for a French flair, says OCElizabeth.

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Unusual Hot Dog toppings–crispy onions

Trolling for Fish Sauce

There are hordes of fish sauces on Asian on market shelves with poor English labeling. Here’s how to find the best.

Cheaper fish sauces often are laden with sugar or added MSG to compensate for the fact that they’re made from the fifth or sixth pressing of fish, and devoid of natural flavor, warns Das Ubergeek. Look for sauces labeled “first pressing.” Seek out naturally fermented fish sauces. Check the labels for red flags: additives like hydrolyzed wheat protein and fructose, both of which are nasty shortcuts through the fermentation process.

Hounds have been happy with both Golden Boy and Tiparos brands (recommended by many cooking professionals) from Thailand. Squid brand fish sauce is great for enriching pasta, pan gravy, even salad dressings if there’s going to be a sweetener in it, says Das Ubergeek.

To keep the smell of fish sauce from permeating your fridge, use some foil to cap off the top; the plastic tops of fish sauce bottles are often shoddily made and won’t keep the its strong odor contained.

Here is a review of many brands of fish sauce.

This piece helps decode labels of Vietnamese brands of fish sauce, and describes the differences between Vietnamese, Thai, and Phillipine styles.

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Smoked Salmon Dip

For smoked salmon dip, Sarah goes the minimilist route: just chopped smoked salmon mixed into a tub of soft or whipped cream cheese, with a dash of lemon juice.

pizzapazza goes a different route, starting with a mix of mayo, yogurt, and sour cream (in any combination you’ve got on hand) and smoked salmon, whizzed together in the food processor with scallions, a dash of mustard, fresh dill, lemon juice, perhaps a dash of Tabasco, and horseradish. The horseradish is the key ingredient for his approach.

Rubee loves this Barefoot Contessa recipe, but cautions that it’s best to salt after assembly; some smoked salmon is so salty that you don’t need to add any more.

farmersdaughter recommends the combo of smoked salmon and salmon roe in this recipe.

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Enchiladas: Getting the Tortillas Right

There are a few tricks to making enchiladas with nicely rolled tortillas that neither turn goopy nor crack and fall apart once baked. First, always use corn tortillas, the fresher the better. Flour tortillas become a gluey mess, and taste wrong. To make them easy to roll, the classic tequenique is to lightly fry them in hot oil, then dip in sauce. Fry them until they’re starting to crisp around the edges but are still pliable enough to drape over a fork, says Dommy, then give them a quick dunk in sauce, roll them around your filling, and place in a pan with more sauce and cheese; then heat the pan. As an alternative to frying, farmersdaughter brushes a hot griddle with oil, heats the tortillas on it until they’re warm and soft, dips in sauce, fills, and rolls.

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Super Carne Asada, Please

Elsewhere on CHOW, Alan Richman bemoans the fact that short articles that have become the hallmark of current food journalism. But the newish food critic for the San Francisco Chronicle would like to differ. He has turned in a 4,700-word state-of-the-city address on the topic of burritos. Visiting 85 taquerias in 10 weeks is a heroic undertaking in sat. fat intake alone, even if the outcome ends up being a bit on the simplistic side for true burrito scholars. In an area where websites and blogs, not to mention the many discussion boards, solely devoted to burritos and tacos proliferate, there is bound to be some dissent for the new guy’s picks. Is your favorite joint on the list? Let the flame wars begin!