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What to Do with Apple Butter?

There’s no butter in apple butter–it’s just apples cooked way, way down with some sugar or cider to a concentrated form of the apple’s goodness. It’s delicious spooned right out of the jar, or slathered on biscuits or toast. Or, try these inventive opti READ MORE

Peachy Peaches

It’s maddening to buy beautiful-looking peaches, only to find they never soften enough to be considered ripe. Peaches should be picked when ripe or on the verge of ripeness; but, for various reasons involving the economics of tranporting soft fruit, super READ MORE

Cooking with Dried Lavender

Dried lavender is nice in potpourri, but it’s even better in the kitchen, where it can be put to both sweet and savory uses. One classic use is as a central component in the blend, Herbes de Provence. ... READ MORE

Tricks of the Cookie Trade

Nonpareils are the teeny sugar balls used to decorate cookies. Here are some <a href=” READ MORE

What’s for Dinner?

CHOW's man on the street goes deep and finds out what is on the menu tonight. READ MORE

The Best Sticky Buns Ever (and ‘Cue in a Citgo)

This northwest corner isn’t the chowiest part of N.C., but two terrific places are quite near Maverick Farms. READ MORE

I’m Vegetarian but I Eat Bacon

I'm no more a carnivore than a straight woman who occasionally makes out with other girls is a lesbian. READ MORE

Little Ray of Loudness

Well, it’s been a full week, and the Rachael Ray daytime talk show is continuing to gather steam. READ MORE

Pretzel/Potato Chip Tasting, and Jim Meets Chickens

Maverick Farms is hard to describe. It’s an organic, politically aware nonprofit small farm run by super-foodie hipsters who bring a dot-com sensibility to their work. READ MORE

PETA’s Butterball Blues

A creepy video produced by a PETA volunteer undercover at a slaughterhouse makes us think about the ethics of both killing animals and advocating for vegetarianism. READ MORE