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Strategic Guest Ejection

How should we signal that it's time for guests to depart-- short of changing into our pajamas? READ MORE

New Blog, Bad Blood

Food writer Michael Ruhlman’s new blog gets vicious right out of the gate, bashing fellow journo-cum-blogger Regina Schrambling of Gastropoda. Reprisals ensue. READ MORE

She Blinded Me with Liquor!

_Wired_ is helping us bridge the gap between drinking insane, scientifically cutting-edge drinks at expensive urban bars, and drinking insane, scientifically cutting-edge drinks at home. READ MORE

Is Nigella a Feast?

Nigella is gorgeous, her food makes you want to lick the TV, and she uses charmingly British phrases like “bung it in.” READ MORE

Make Your Buzz Last Longer

CHOW tests wine-preservation systems to see if they really help save an opened bottle. READ MORE

Marcus Samuelsson’s Excellent Adventure

Fodor’s has an engaging Q&A with Chef Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden, he’s used his cred to mount a nation-hopping culinary tour of Africa. READ MORE

Beyond Salt and Pepper

From Worcestershire sauce to paprika, here are ten ingredients that will boost flavor in your cooking. READ MORE

On Curing Salmon

From raw to cured in 24 hours. READ MORE

Eat at Mom’s

Playing Nintendo’s addictive Cooking Mama game gets one blogger raging for gyoza. READ MORE

If the Rice Is Broken, Don’t Fix It

Pretty much every Vietnamese restaurant and pho joint serves com tam (broken rice) dishes, a peasant staple made with the cheapo broken grains of rice not fit for export. But few actually specialize in it, as Com Tam Thuan Kieu does. ... READ MORE