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Vegetarian Samosa Haven

If you notice that the flavors of most dishes at Samosa House (formerly Bharat Bazaar) really stand out from the competition, it’s probably because they roast their own spices. All these spices are also available for purchase in their store, says *shrenry READ MORE

Ideal Omelette Pan

The ideal omelette pan, says Ernie Diamond, is a French steel crepe pan sold by Williams-Sonoma. It’s about 8 inches in diameter and is just the right size for three eggs. ... READ MORE

Flat Iron Steak

Flat iron steaks are a cut relatively new to the consumer marketplace. They’re cut from the chuck blade, and named because their shape resembles the old-fashioned flat irons used before that newfangled electricity thing. They’re very tender, with robustly READ MORE


Huitlacoche is also called corn fungus or Mexican truffles. It sounds and looks disgusting; the kernels turn into bulbous grey lumps in the infected corn. But nevermind the fact that it looks like something went and died on your corn–it’s actually reall READ MORE

Mango Splitter

A mango splitter is a gadget that’s said to make fast work of slicing a mango, easily manuevering around the elongated mango pit, which can be a challenge with a knife. ... READ MORE

Balsamic Begone

Balsamic vinegar: flavor enhancer or pushy plate bully? Bloggers debate the merits of the must-have must. READ MORE

Food, Fat and Fall’s slide show titled “Fall’s Most Fattening Foods” juxtaposes mouth-watering photos of autumn dishes with the consequences of eating them. READ MORE

Cook’s Country Snacks on a Leafy Green Basket of Crow

Cook’s Country magazine, the rustic cousin of Cook’s Illustrated, has done the equivalent of publishing a gushing profile of the amazing new luxury ship Titanic —on April 16, 1912. READ MORE

Obit: R. W. “Johnny” Apple Jr.

A tribute to famed political reporter and food and travel writer R. W. “Johnny” Apple Jr., who has died at the age of 71. READ MORE

Will I Get Trichinosis from Eating Undercooked Pork?

Relax, it's a rare condition. READ MORE