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Food, Fat and Fall’s slide show titled “Fall’s Most Fattening Foods” juxtaposes mouth-watering photos of autumn dishes with the consequences of eating them. READ MORE

Cook’s Country Snacks on a Leafy Green Basket of Crow

Cook’s Country magazine, the rustic cousin of Cook’s Illustrated, has done the equivalent of publishing a gushing profile of the amazing new luxury ship Titanic —on April 16, 1912. READ MORE

Obit: R. W. “Johnny” Apple Jr.

A tribute to famed political reporter and food and travel writer R. W. “Johnny” Apple Jr., who has died at the age of 71. READ MORE

Will I Get Trichinosis from Eating Undercooked Pork?

Relax, it's a rare condition. READ MORE

The Lapinators

For those who watch Bambi and think Thumper looks delicious, several area butchers around the East Bay can supply fresh rabbit meat for home cooking adventures. ... READ MORE

Egg Curry and Lemon Pickle at Namaste

Namaste is an Indian place with a buffet, but don’t write it off–it has a following among the chowhound family. It’s family dog’s number one restaurant, period, and Kitchen Imp likes it so much she drives there…from Berkeley. ... READ MORE

Challah Fame

Diamond Bakery makes an excellent loaf of challah, just don’t go when you’re in a rush. Even if you pre-order, it can take well over an hour just to pick up your order during the holidays, says PaulF. ... READ MORE

Return of the Oysters

Oyster aquaculture may help save the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. READ MORE

Freshly Fried Fish

At 99 Ranch and other Asian markets around town you can choose live fish and the butchers will deep fry them for you. Rex sole, black pomfret, and tilapia are all great for frying, elmomonster says, but whatever’s on sale is always a good option. ... READ MORE

At Stop and Shop, a Lobster Roll for Bargain Hunters

At the deli counter in the Stop and Shop in Glendale, Queens, they’re not big on portion control–which means more lobster for us. Order a $4.99 lobster roll and the staff will often shovel in a staggering amount of lobster salad ($20-plus per pound when READ MORE