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Like a Hot Business Card Through Butter

Some of us use our business cards for hobnobbery, but Steve Wozniak uses his for steak noshery. READ MORE

What a Croc!

Mario Batali is called on the (red) carpet for his schlubby choice in footwear. READ MORE

A Bushel and a Peck

It’s apple season, and over at Slate, the magazine’s usually spot-on financial writer Daniel Gross has turned in a controversial (!) piece slamming U-pick apple farms. READ MORE

Silence of the Lambs

The New Republic shows how killing 125 sheep at a Vermont family dairy didn’t save the nation from mad-cow disease. READ MORE

Russian Thai?

There’s a handwritten sign in the window that says “Still Thai Food,” but this Thai place has clearly been bought by Russians–with awesome results, says mcchowhound. In addition to the Thai stuff, the menu offers “Russian favorites”... READ MORE

Sesame Sirens

You know those sesame ball things? That are, like, a thin shell of dough filled with lotus seed paste, rolled in sesame seeds and deep fried? TC Pastry has an outstanding version of those, says gordon wing. ... READ MORE

Imperial Palace’s Cantonese Riches and Other Flushing Tips

At Imperial Palace, arrive early or expect a wait. This Cantonese seafood house draws throngs even on weeknights for its signature Dungeness crab or lobster, steamed and served over sticky rice that’s put gloriously over the top by savory seafood juices. READ MORE

Safran: Assured Vietnamese Newcomer in Chelsea

Safran brings something unusual and welcome to Chelsea: decent Asian food. This stylish two-month-old restaurant serves slightly dressed-up Vietnamese dishes with a few Western accents and presentations–and avoids the common pitfall of over-sweetening f READ MORE

Menu Note: Beef Stew Pho

Valleyites love the classic Vietnamese beef noodle soup at Pho 999, but if you haven’t tried the beef stew pho, says Hypnotic23, you’re in for a treat–flavorful chunks of beef with carrots, a great broth and of course those noodles. ... READ MORE

Taco Flights of Fancy

Iguanas Ranas makes a great taco, especially when the owner lets his imagination do the cooking, says RoachCoach. Like the jalapeno taco: a large pepper (spicy-making seeds removed) stuffed with carne asada and raisins, then grilled and wrapped in excel READ MORE