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All-Star Contender at Michael Jordan’s

Hounds aren’t quite sold on Michael Jordan’s steaks, but their hamburger is a winner. It’s 12 ounces of well-seasoned ground sirloin, broiled to a nice crust, served on a lightly grilled bun with decent steak fries… READ MORE

A Gem in Downtown – No, Not the Jewelry District

Cakewalk, Debra King’s new bakery-cafe downtown, is now serving breakfast and lunch. It’s a gem waiting to be discovered, says joejoe. For lunch, try the tenderloin sandwich, with medium-rare beef in a cracked-pepper and salt crust, plus horseradish cre READ MORE

Al Pastor a la Pineapple

Found: al pastor roasted on a spit topped with a pineapple, basting the meat in its delicious juices. WildSwede discovered it outside the Las Delicias in Newhall and joined the huge line waiting for the tacos. ... READ MORE

The Seductions of Black Grape Gelato

Sometimes it’s the uncomplicated recipes, made with the fewest, but the best, ingredients, that work magic. This is one such time. Water, sugar, cream, and excellent Concord grapes become a downright rapturous gelato, says Carb Lover. ... READ MORE

Cooking Up Tinned Sardines

Most tinned sardines make a short hop straight into sandwiches or onto saltine crackers, but here are two main course recipes in which they play a starring role. mar52 uses them to make sardine tacos… READ MORE

Heritage Turkeys

Yes, Thanksgiving is looming. Getting an order in for a special turkey should be done soon. “Heritage” birds have become really popular. These turkeys are like those our ancestors had, before the days of the broad-breasted varieties. The Bourbon Red an READ MORE

One Size Fits All Knife Block

The Igo Kapoosh knife block is very cleverly designed. Rather than a solid block of wood, with slots that may or may not fit your kives, the Igo Kapoosh block is tightly filled with slim rods that adjust and hold whatever size blade you insert into it. .. READ MORE

Like a Hot Business Card Through Butter

Some of us use our business cards for hobnobbery, but Steve Wozniak uses his for steak noshery. READ MORE

What a Croc!

Mario Batali is called on the (red) carpet for his schlubby choice in footwear. READ MORE

A Bushel and a Peck

It’s apple season, and over at Slate, the magazine’s usually spot-on financial writer Daniel Gross has turned in a controversial (!) piece slamming U-pick apple farms. READ MORE