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Diving for Gyros at Panos

Gyro lover BearCity has settled on a favorite: Panos Char Broiler, a drab dive in the Valley. A huge amount of well-seasoned beef and lamb with some fresh tomatoes, slathered in cucumber-yogurt tzatziki and wrapped in a grill-toasted pita, explodes with READ MORE

Cooking with Duck Fat

Chowhounds agree that duck fat is one of the tastiest things you can cook with. Here are some favorite ways to use it: Potatoes fried or roasted in duck fat are just about perfect. Duck fat is also great for cooking grilled cheese, frying eggs, and sa READ MORE

Just Keep Telling Yourself It’s Make Believe …

A Photoshop contest mixes the sweet and the savory. But not in a good way. READ MORE

Freezing Cooked Pasta

You can make your own pasta TV dinners, by freezing leftovers. Cooked, sauced pasta freezes well. A large pan of lasagna almost always yields leftover portions. ... READ MORE

XO Sauce

XO Sauce, also called Hong Kong sauce, is a Cantonese sauce/condiment. It’s very pungent and is made with dried fish, scallops or shrimp and spices. Like anchovies, it will add depth of flavor to all sorts of dishes, from stir fries to BBQ sauce. ... READ MORE

Picking on the Little Guy

Small farmers screwed by the E. coli scare, sez Mike Pollan. He makes a case for buying local and against torturous federal regulations in The New York Times. READ MORE

Up to Mom’s Standards: Alejandro’s Filipino Cuisine

Being Filipino, pleasurepalate is super picky when it comes to Filipino food. Magic Wok came close to her mom’s high standard of cooking, but Alejandro’s has blown that right out of the water. Spicy goat stew features tender meat that’s not a bit ga READ MORE

A Different Take on Tiramisu and Cannoli

Frank_Santa_Monica was knocked out by cake and cannoli from the unassuming Vienna Pastry in his ‘hood. Tiramisu cake is delicate, rich, and not too sweet. At $22, it feeds up to 20 people. ... READ MORE

Legit Vietnamese at Nha Toi

The pho ga is flavorful, the eel is delicious, the salted fish fried rice is dangerously addictive, and it you’re looking for real Vietnamese food that can hang with the home cooking of people’s grandmothers from the Old Country, you NEED this place. *Ali READ MORE

Holy Gelato

Holy Gelato sells gelato from Latest Scoop, Classico, and Maggie Mudd. It’s pretty expensive–a mini-size is just under $3–but it’s excellent, particularly for the selection of soy- and coconut milk-based vegan gelati. Maggie Mudd’s Dubliner, for insta READ MORE