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Grim Reaper in a Rice Krispies Box

Does a new Kellogg’s cereal spell death for the organic movement? A San Francisco Chronicle columnist spews about the Wal-Martization of organics. READ MORE

Stay Clear of the Spittoon

Tasting wine for a living sounds like a dream job, right? Wine writer Victoria Moore shares some of the occupational hazards. READ MORE

Great Beer, So-So Antelope, and the ParkingHounds’ Big Debut

I’d strafed Winston-Salem while heading eastward from the mountains a few days ago, just hitting the town’s southern fringes. Now, heading west toward Tennessee, I’ve stayed downtown to plumb what I’d heard described as a chowhounding desert. READ MORE

Coffee at Cocaine Prices

Geoff Watts of Intelligentsia Coffee shelled out $33,000 for five bags of coffee. What was so good about it? READ MORE

“I’m not Alice Waters”

Cook’s Illustrated magazine’s Christopher Kimball tells The Washington Post that the gourmet movement is just a thing of the past. READ MORE

Knockout Pierogi at Little Poland in the East Village

Among the several pierogi options at Little Poland is one dubbed Very Special Pierogi. Pan says it deserves the accolade. They’re filled with potato, cheese, and a touch of sauerkraut, and topped with creamy sauce with scallion tips. ... READ MORE

El Iman: Soul-Satisfying Peruvian Chow in Elizabeth, NJ

Peruvian expats around Elizabeth, NJ, are flocking to El Iman, where the beef fried rice kills, says Peter Cuce. He suggests ordering extra green hot sauce on the side. This homey place, run by a Japanese Peruvian family, also has terrific pollo a la br READ MORE

Best-Ever Tacos in…Gilroy?

poulet roti thinks the tacos at Del Sol Market in Gilroy are stunningly good–similar to what you’d get at a taco truck, if it was the best taco truck EVER. They cost $1 and come with a generous handful of meat, topped with cilantro and onions. ... READ MORE

The Best Fried Squid

The calamari fritti at LoCoco’s is about the best Melanie Wong has ever had. They’re battered very lightly, so the chunks don’t cling together in the fryer–each piece remains separate. The frying is commendable; the squid turns out very tender in text READ MORE

Canele – the Lucques of the Eastside?

With Canele, Corina Weibel and Jane Choi of Corina’s Kitchen are bringing fresh, tasty Cal-Med fare to Atwater Village. Some dishes are being held over from the popular Osteria Nonni, like spaghetti with olive oil. Gazpacho is more like a rich tomato READ MORE