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Flat-Out Fabulous: Pancakes at Stamford’s Lakeside Diner

At Lakeside Diner, the pancakes are so good you may not even want syrup. “I think I’m in love,” sighs adamclyde, whose object of desire is eggy, slightly tangy, more savory than sweet, and most surely made in-house from a real recipe, not from Acme Food READ MORE

Prime Smoked Meats: A New Bacon Contender

Prime Smoked Meats makes a delicious, well-marbled bacon, says Curtis. Its flavors are well-balanced, with a nice smoke and sweetness, and it’s meaty, well-cured, and sliced thick. Some area butchers sell it, including Dan-R Meats, for about $4.99 a pou READ MORE

Seasonal Ice Creams

rworange has been conducting first-hand research into the various pumpkin and seasonal-flavored ice creams around the area. (She even took down a Jack-in-the-Box pumpkin milkshake, in the name of science.) She has a winner, and it’s Fairfax Scoop. The l READ MORE

Creamy Riches in a Bowl of Tomato Soup

Tomato soup at Sarabeth’s may not be the stuff of legend, as the menu would have it, but it does not disappoint. theannerska reports amazingly creamy, tomatoey soup, perfect with house-made biscuits or seven-grain bread. ... READ MORE

Great Thai, and Chocolate Cake, Too

It’s easy to miss Naraya, a tranquil little Thai restaurant, but that would be a shame, says polishprincess, who gets buzzed on their full, clean flavors and great sauces. The appetizers are good bets, including golden pouches with rock shrimp, duck tac READ MORE

A Kid’s Dream Bake Shop

Those of you who never want to read another word about cupcakes, stop reading now. Violet’s, raves luv2grub, is seriously the best. They’ve got eclectic flavors that push those nostalgia buttons, like Almond Joy (chocolate with coconut filling) and Fren READ MORE

Budget-Minded Cioppino

It’s not necessary to shell out a lot of cash for expensive seafood when making cioppino. Though most restaurants include Dungeness crab, even that’s not a must, say chowhounds. What you do need are a flavorful fish stock and shellfish like clams and/or m READ MORE

Preventing Produce from Oxidizing

Some fruits and vegetables oxidize (turn brown) when their cut surfaces are exposed to air. You can use lemon or lime juice on cut fruit or with certain vegetables, but what if you don’t want those flavors? Here are some alternate techniques: ... READ MORE

Serious Fruitcake

You basically have two options for incredibly rich, dark, moist fruitcakes that smell of rum and taste like sugarplum fairies. One, you can make them yourself. Two, you can buy them. Sheila Ferguson’s “downright lethal” recipe in “Soul Food” requires READ MORE

Cabeza Tacos

Cabeza, meat from the head of a cow, is one of the most flavorful, delicious, peak-food-experience-producing taco meats in existence. It is NOT the same as brains–those are sesos. So stop worrying. Cabeza is prepared in many different ways, says *Dom READ MORE