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Withstand Bland

Is it wrong to ask your hostess to pass the salt? READ MORE

The Magic Numbers

One man blends his way to the perfect bottle of wine. READ MORE

Get That Paprika Out of My Maki

Japan plans to crack down on restaurants abroad that besmirch the Japanese name by selling “inauthentic” fare. Better get your fill of Philadelphia roll while you can. READ MORE

Does It Matter Which Side of the Foil Goes on the Outside?

Only if you're using nonstick foil. READ MORE

Five Loaves Worth Crossing the Atlantic For

Budget Travel has a story on the best baguettes in Paris. While the idea is slightly goofy (is it possible for an observant person to buy a bad baguette in Paris?), the finalists are intriguing. READ MORE

Star Search

A New England grocery store causes an uproar by creating a star system to help consumers weed out unhealthy choices. READ MORE

Eating Grass

Slate goes in for the kill, taste-testing steaks to see if grass fed really does make for better eating. READ MORE

Mexican Street Bites at Calexico and Snack Dragon

Soho isn’t promising territory for Mexican street chow, but Calexico aims to change that. This cart operation, launched in July by three brothers from Southern California, offers border Mexican–tacos, burritos, and quesadillas with flavors described as READ MORE

Fallen Biscuit Rises Again; and Other New York News

It’s lights out for Night and Day. The Park Slope restaurant and performance venue, which survived a rocky start and eventually won over hounds with hearty, comforting American chow, has closed its doors. READ MORE

Soulful Salt Cod at Kurio

When salt cod turns up as a special at Kurio, it’s worth a try. A recent dinner of Portuguese-style bacalhau was superb, reports Dave Feldman: funky, flavorful cod with huge hunks of sweet potato and just enough tomato to cut the sweetness and richness. READ MORE