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Crap on a “Top Chef” Plate

Is ousted chef Carlos the most decent person on reality TV? READ MORE

It Could Happen to U.S.

Australia, host of the recent G20 summit and home to one of the world’s chowhoundiest cities, is on the brink of a food crisis, thanks to a terrible five-year drought. What can we learn from the Sunburnt Country’s troubles? READ MORE

Eat and Get Out

The manipulative techniques of casual-dining establishments READ MORE

Hog Heaven

Weeniecello, meet Porkarita. Yesterday’s convenience-store joke becomes today’s hot cocktail. READ MORE

Three Giblets in the Fountain

Imagine your guests’ delight at covering their turkey with gravy from a delightful DIY fountain. READ MORE

Greedy Gobbler

Are you entitled to Thanksgiving leftovers? And other Turkey Day conundrums. READ MORE

Going Pear-Shaped

Why do pears seem to have missed the heirloom train? READ MORE

Quimbaya: Colombian Eye-Openers in Ossining, NY

Quimbaya calls it just “cheese bread,” but don’t be deterred by the prosaic name. It’s sensational, says Lisa M, a highlight of a strong lineup of house-baked treats at this Colombian cafe. Crusty on the outside, soft and springy on the inside, it’s not READ MORE


Everybody likes Taqueria La Bamba, but have you had their alfajores? These are Argentine cookies made up of two rounds of shortbread, glued together with a thin layer of dulce de leche or caramel. They are simple and bloody divine–highly recommended by READ MORE

Cheese School

The Cheese School of San Francisco describes itself as “the only institution of its kind in the San Francisco Bay area wholly devoted to helping people maximize their enjoyment of cheese.” mchan02 enthusiastically recommends their wine and cheese class READ MORE